Magnate TV Support

I have a Magnate TV membership. How do I log into the platform and access my content?

You can access the Magnate TV channel at You will be able to log in with the email and account created for you when you purchased the subscription. You should have received an email confirming your subscription with your login information after you signed up for a membership.
Do I have access to the Magnate Group?

The Magnate Group is a private Facebook group for all Magnate TV members. To apply for access, please fill out the application on Facebook by clicking here. We will then verify your account and accept your request to join the group within a few hours.
When do I get to connect with my Success Manager?

As soon as you have subscribed to Magnate TV and signed up for a Free Trial, you'll receive an email to schedule your call with your Success Manager right away. During this call, we’ll set up your action plan and schedule and give you a tour of the platform to make sure that your goals are met promptly.
Will I have access to my coach Oriane?

Yes, you will have access to Oriane during the weekly Q&A calls on the private Magnate TV Facebook Group or on Zoom. Oriane will answer any questions you may have regarding the programs, give advice on all topics, and bring new insights in new topics as well as give encouragement, motivation and accountability for you to keep pushing through the course and boost your results. Being able to directly access your coach on a weekly basis sets this platform aside from other online platforms. We want you to get the most value possible and highest results from the platform. You can find the topics of upcoming Q&As and their location by clicking on "Lives & Q&As" in the platform. 
Oriane is also active in the private Magnate TV Facebook Group and our team is there to answer your questions daily.
Do I have access to all content on Magnate TV?

Yes, when you sign up you have access to all content on Magnate TV. Magnate TV does not advertise on the platform nor sell content via funnels or other marketing tools. All content has been made or adapted to fit Magnate TV guidelines and is available to its members.
How long will it take to complete a course or masterclass on Magnate TV?

The length of a masterclass varies; they are composed of episodes which usually go from 10 minutes long up to 1 hour. It will take you on average from 45 minutes up to 2 hours to complete the full program and get high results from it. A masterclass has less episodes than a course and is faster to complete.

The length of the courses vary as well; a course range from 4 up to 10 episodes per season. Each of the episodes lasts from 20 minutes up to 1 hour on average. Some of our courses have multiple seasons as well based on its structure and the information needed to achieve high results for each season. It will take you up to a week to complete a course as we recommend to watch one episode on average a day.
Do I have a workbook and templates for each program?

Yes, each masterclass has a workbook and each episode for courses has a workbook as well. A workbook is a document summarizing the masterclass or episode that we just went over. A workbook can also have questions to fill out to help you apply the concept that you just learned right away to your life and business. Reading the workbook and answering the questions are critical to boost your results and will make a large difference in the way you retain the information that was presented to you and apply it. For a course, we recommend that you download the workbook after each episode, read it and answer the questions before moving onto the following episode.

We also provide done-for-you templates for our masterclass and episodes of a course that you can directly take, copy and paste, and make it your own without having to create it or spend time on it.
What will I need to start a course or a masterclass?

You can watch a program on all support: computer, tablet and phone. We recommend that you use a laptop or desktop. That is all you need!
What if I am not a business owner or I don't know what I want to do yet?

No worries! During your call with your success manager when you first join Magnate TV, we'll elaborate the perfect strategy and action plan for you based on your life goals, vision and what you want to do in life. Magnate TV is not only for entrepreneurs, but also for people looking to attain success in their lives by doing other things than business. 
How long does each course, program, masterclass, etc. stay on the platform?

All content on Magnate TV is available for life unless we decide to remove it or replace it. If we proceed to remove a program, masterclass, etc., we'll email all the members first and mention when it'll be removed. 
When are new courses, masterclasses or seasons coming out on Magnate TV?

We add new masterclasses on a weekly basis; we can add from 1 up to 3 masterclass or more a week. We add one or more courses a month. We add new seasons to courses as we go depending on each course. Each of our courses is built so that you can get high results from each season alone and other seasons are not required to meet your goals, but are a bonus added to what you have already learned and optimize your results.
How do I get access to Q&As, interviews and live streams?

All Q&As and live streams, interviews and others are available on the private Magnate TV Facebook Group once you have purchased a subscription. You can also access the Q&As directly from the platform. All content in the Magnate Group or Q&As is provided by top experts and exclusive to Magnate TV.
How can I update my address, credit card information and profile?

You can update your information directly from the Magnate TV platform under your "Profile" and "Settings."
How do I cancel my subscription?

You can cancel your subscription directly from the Magnate TV platform. If you have any issues, you can also contact our team directly via email: If you cancel your subscription, you won't be charged the following month.
What is the refund policy?

Magnate TV has a 7-day trial period. You can activate your trial and then cancel anytime within 7 days at no charge. We also offer a 14-day money back guarantee. Please email us at: if you are not satisfied, and we'll refund your first month.

After the 7-day trial membership, you will be charged the monthly fee for Magnate TV. You can cancel your subscription at anytime after the 7-day trial, so you won't be charged for the following month or moving forward.